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For a long time, HQ Window Films International Co.,Ltd. uphold the professional, high-quality, diversified, customized business philosophy to serve our customer base, in 1989 after the car rental business from the grassroots up, in view of thermal paper the majority of the market demand, and then expand the service project was officially established in 1998 and insulation paper sector, in order to further provide a more diverse selection of paper insulation service project, we will distinguish their project car window film, business / home window film, multi-layered security proof film, color paper and matte paper, and provide a can save energy and protect the net worth of both landscaping and property safety of the top dual service.

In 2012, HQ Window Films International Co.,Ltd. officially launched HQ optical zoom window film brands and services under the project and then add both beautiful & thermal insulation function of a curtain, professional services we can provide to customers a top VIP experience, as long as you a phone call or an e-mail, our professional staff will contact you immediately and according to your own needs to provide you with a full range services.


Established in 1989, the car rental industry Business : Car leasing, short-term leasing business.

Established in 1998 insulation window film department Business : window film, security film, window stickers decorative paper.
Main products : automotive film, building window film, multi-layered security film, color art paper, matte paper.
Features : thermal insulation, UV resistant, explosion-proof home security, energy saving, beautify the interior space and secret.

Established in 2012 HQ optical zoom window film brands Main products : optical zoom insulation film, nano-ceramic films, multilayer Window Film, insulated curtains.
Features : high perspective, high heat, and enhance home safety glass, adjustable interior lighting all have ultra-high heat.

December 2013 new solar window film, In Taiwan has a "rolling", "vertical blinds", "screen" registration rights Main products : roller blinds, vertical blinds, screens, car electric curtain and window film.
Features : gathering shutter, vertical blinds, screens, car electric curtains and window film all the advantages of traditional curtains in general, the highest specifications by the EU fireproof materials testing and certification.

Management Philosophy/

•Professional •High Quality •Diversification •Customized